January 13, 2023

Comp Laude® Event: Can we really have it all?

The question that women have long since been asking themselves even before the pandemic is, “Can I really have it all? Can I be a top professional and have a thriving life and family?” Not to mention everything else we try to cram into our day to feel more balanced and whole. Things like exercise, spiritual practice, spending quality time with your partner/ friends, or nurturing your passions and hobbies to feed your soul.

During the pandemic, we learned that we were all yearning for more balance, and that we don’t perform as well as employees without accommodation for our family responsibilities or self care. Now the question we are asking is, “How can we create more opportunities and flexibility in all areas of our life to nurture our desire and success in having it all?

In this session, our industry panelists will share their stories of balancing parenting, staying centered, and achieving professional success. We will hear about some of the biggest differences between the pre and post pandemic era and the experiences that taught them the biggest lessons in creating and maintaining balance.

Julie Fetherman, Alliance Board Member, Chief Client Officer, Gain Life

Tamara Corbin, Co-found Rainbow Risk Alliance, VP Client Executive Director, Gallagher Bassett Services, Inc.
Jennifer Lund, Senior Vice President at Global Risk Capital Insurance –
Lindsay Garnett Rabicoff, Senor Director II, Governance, Programs & Strategies, Walmart
Brandi Lewis, President, and Chairperson, HPT