November 18, 2016

White paper: Creating an Advocacy-Based Claims Model

Business leaders in the healthcare industry invest significant time and resources to create positive corporate cultures, engage employees, and earn their trust and commitment to success. Yet in the workers’ compensation segment of our industry, all too often the focus seems to be on conflict instead of caring.

We are in the business of delivering benefits…so, how do we get back to the basics of what workers’ compensation was founded on and change the conversation from adversary to advocate? How do we ensure that the treatment of injured workers aligns with our corporate values and culture? And how could changing the mindset from a cost protection model to a patient protection model improve outcomes–not only for injured workers but for employers as well?

The Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation hosted an industry collaboration event entitled “Creating an Advocacy-based Claims Model.” The purpose of the event was to bring together workers’ compensation stakeholders and thought leaders to discuss these questions as part of the timely topic of advocacy, promoting collaboration to identify the foundational concepts essential to creating an advocacy-based claims model.

The following is a summary of key findings from discussions held during the event.


By: Artemis Emslie, President, CEO, CadenceRX