November 3, 2022

Cultivating A Strong Corporate Culture with Industry Executive Leadership

The culture of a company has remarkable impact on talent attraction and retention and business performance. Developing a talent strategy that is a magnet to purpose and performance is an imperative for businesses. In a time when talent attraction and retention is a top priority, employers must do much more than bringing employees through the door. Our first panel session will provide insights into workforce talent trends across the U.S. and programs people leaders are exploring with executive management. Successful CEO panelists in our industry will share how they are targeting investments designed to help employees better perform their work and improve engagement and work satisfaction. With hybrid work all the rage, how do leaders manage work from home and ensure you have an engaged, productive workforce? In today’s labor market many times we hear salaries are increasing. How do companies balance new hire pay with existing salaries for similar positions? We all strive to have a thriving company culture and this panel offers you a high-level thinking session to gain insights, actions, and solutions for success.



Michele Adams, Alliance Employer Advisory Council
Vice President, Risk Operations & Casualty Claims

Danielle Lisenbey
Chief Executive Officer
MedRisk, Inc.

Stephanie McCloud
Chief Executive Officer
Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation

Virna Alexander Rhodes, MBA SCLA
Senior Vice President, Workers’ Compensation Claims
Liberty Mutual