August 3, 2023

Cultivating Connection: An Industry Keynote


With loneliness, rising mental health challenges, and increasing concerns over toxic leadership, the time has come for a candid discussion about the skills leaders need to possess to address such challenges. At the core of each of these challenges is connection. If we’re to have any chance at reversing the trends, then it’s time for an honest conversation about what is getting preventing leaders from building authentic, meaningful connections with our teams. The shift rests in language. The language we use as leaders can have a powerful and positive impact. Use the right words, and we can authentically connect, build trust, and empower others in a meaningful way. Use the wrong words, and the result is often disconnection, isolation, and destruction of the trust we’ve spent so much time and energy to build.

It’s time to get smart on what drives disconnection and, more importantly, get skilled in fueling sincere, genuine connections.

Industry Leader: DeDe Halfhill, a U.S. Air Force retired Colonel and proven leader who draws from 25 years of command experience and as a senior advisor to the military’s highest-ranking officials to provide a real-world perspective on the power of embracing humanness and vulnerability in leadership.