May 02

Is your ship still in the harbor? Pursuing your dreams at any age

Marker Virtual Meeting Marker 10:00 am CST

We all have something that stirs our passion for life. We can get caught in a “comfort zone” and what is deemed as the safer route to take. If you have something you have been daydreaming about that has not had action, or attention you are inspired to do, come join us for some uplifting motivation! Gina Schrek will be sharing her journey on overcoming some common fears to achieving your vision and creating a desired outcome to get your ship out of the harbor and into the sea.

Please join us for a live discussion with Gina Schreck, an author, speaker, and owner of The Village Workspace.  She is a wife and mother of 4, investor and philanthropist. LinkedIn selected Gina as one of the top 24 B2B marketers to follow in 2021 and last year Fox News selected Gina as one of the top 4 Remarkable Women in Colorado.

Gina left her corporate job in 1995 and never looked back, and at age 60 she says she is just getting started. Helping others take their dreams off the back burner and overcome the fear to go bigger is her mission today.