Aug 22

Leading from Within: The Heart of Exceptional Leadership

Marker Virtual Meeting Marker 10:00 am CST

In leadership, there are moments of seamless harmony when initiatives unfold with ease, confidence, and camaraderie. Teams respond positively, embracing and advancing the introduced changes, even when they prove challenging and obscure. Remarkable accomplishments materialize.

Other times, stagnation in the face of change prevails, and coordination and camaraderie become elusive.

What distinguishes these contrasting experiences? Research indicates that leadership is not merely a trait to be acquired, but a dynamic internal state to be activated. Shifting the focus from passive learning on the sidelines to active leadership in the moment emerges as a transformative approach. In doing so, leaders can authentically propel themselves toward genuine breakthroughs.

Now, in this post-post-COVID era, leaders are faced with unprecedented challenges and opportunities for growth. Join us for a keynote from Michele Adams.  This will draw from more than 20 years’ experience as a leader at two major companies, Walt Disney World Resort and Walmart. She will share transformative learnings from her experiences, explore shifts in priorities, and the expansive concept of inclusion.