Jan 27

Webinar: Exploring Executive Presence with Industry Leaders

Marker Virtual Meeting Marker 10:00 am CST

In the keynote presentation Angie provided insights and tips into maximizing your potential and that of your team through strong emotional intelligence. This session is designed to show emotional intelligence in action. Our panelists will provide lessons learned and explain how their emotional intelligence has transformed throughout their career? You will hear examples of when emotional intelligence hindered and supported career growth. This session provides suggestions for you to consider as you develop awareness around emotional intelligence and hone in on your skills.


Angela Nuttle


Jessica McKenna, Assistant Vice President, Claim Client Services at CNA Insurance

Dionne Lacey-Artis, SVP, Field and Regional Sales at Optum

Rashmi Nijahal, General Counsel, Paradigm


About Angela: Angela Nuttle is the founder of The School of Executive Presence. She is a 25 year corporate leader turned business owner who went from sacrificing, surviving, and proving herself to realizing her potential and getting serious business results. A working mom of three kids, she has figured out how to balance motherhood, marriage, and a whole life outside of work.