September 26, 2023

Fireside Chat with Industry Leaders – Forming Connection

Building strong connections with employees is essential for effective leadership and driving business success. Our industry panelists will continue to build upon Dede Halfhill’s Leaders Connect keynote (the replay of which is available on our site) in an open discussion about how they emphasize the importance of vulnerability in leadership to navigate difficult conversations and promote inclusion within their organizations. Sharing personal stories of failures and mistakes, you will learn how they use those experiences to connect with their teams and foster a culture of learning and growth.

Moderator: Dede Halfhill, Leadership Expert and Colonel, USAF (Ret.)

Alysha Loumakis–Calderon, President, ISYS Solutions Inc
Lara Heal, Sr. Director, Managed Care Services, Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company
Tamara Ulufanua Ciraculo – Sr. Director of Insurance Administration, Stater Bros, Markets