April 20, 2020

Future of Work, Emotional Intelligence with Camille McKinney

When the term “future of work” is referenced, many of us think about technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robots. Fear not — people will remain a critical component of workers’ compensation and business in general. While technology is important, the future of work includes people and technology. ​​​​​​​ Why did we choose this topic and why now? Cultures are changing. Worker expectations are evolving. The workers’ compensation industry is facing high turnover and an aging workforce. Companies are heavily focused on talent attraction and retention, and addressing the multigenerational needs of the workforce. Have you considered how personal connections and purposeful work impact job satisfaction?

Camille McKinney, is a leadership coach, speaker and business consultant at Leveraged Leaders, where she is hired by professional women who want to advance in their careers or business without sacrificing who they are or what’s important to them in other areas of their lives. She brings her experience in leadership, emotional intelligence (EI), performance consulting and training to support leaders like you in revealing your hidden potential by becoming more of who you are as a leader, both in business and in life.