June 30, 2022

Growth Mindset

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Join us in this pre-recorded session from the Executives in Workers’ Compensation Conference as Kendra Davies, Keynote speaker, talks to us about Growth Mindset.  What do resilience, confidence, and curiosity all have in common? They are all the byproducts of cultivating a growth mindset. Those who actively seek a growth mindset: bounce back quicker from negative or challenging situations; They do not define themselves by what they do, but rather how they move through the process of doing, building, creating and living; They remain a student and seek the beginners mind allowing curiosity to drive how react and resolve issues. As a result, these folks are more likely to have higher rates of job satisfaction, to get promoted, and lead high performing teams.

In this session we will unpack what growth mindset is, take a deeper dive into the roots of our fixed mindsets, and explore strategies to shift towards a growth mindset.