October 7, 2020

“How are you?”

Are you frustrated? Overwhelmed? Hopeful? Are you becoming impatient? Engaged? Happy?

2020 came in like Fire that surrounded all of us and unfortunately suffocating some of us. We had no idea how it would change us, individually or collectively. It seems we’re all still waiting for things to go back to some sort of normalcy, but how do we get there without taking care of ourselves and each other? What will it take to keep us moving forward long term?

Challenging times lend us the opportunity to grow and affect positive change in our homes, workplaces, and communities. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, and there’s a lesson in what happens to you, for you, through you, or even against you. In our efforts to remain positive we must actively choose and decide to find the good daily. It doesn’t mean that we ignore reality or bury our heads in the sand. However, it does require honesty, openness, and communication.

Communication is key as we work together to achieve better in our professional lives, and personal lives. How we communicate is essential, and when communicating active listening is required to ensure everyone is included. We are not islands to ourselves, and we truly need each other now more than ever. Over the past couple of months, I’ve been determined to lean in even more to connect with my employees, colleagues, clients, and the same with family and friends to simply ask, “How are You?’. Remembering that focusing on mental health is extremely important as we continue to focus on our physical health, especially now.

We must remember to remain our Best, even in the worst of times. Being our Best demands discipline, and discipline allows us to face difficult situations with dignity and respect. Facing uncertain times isn’t always easy, but it allows us to stretch in our purpose as we move to the next levels on our journeys.

We have witnessed many levels of pain and loss, and my heart breaks for anyone suffering in any capacity at any time. Moreover, it can be quite a task in trying to manage so many emotions and still show up as a brave person to those that depend on you. However, we must decide every day (sometimes several times during the day) to be a part of the solution, not the problem on any level.

Let’s remember that everyone is dealing with something, and this was true even before the pandemic. People are having to make decisions that are truly life-changing but extending grace to one another shows true bravery. Each day is a Blessing that I refuse to take for granted, and most of us are currently still Blessed beyond measure. As we remain positive and choose to look for the good let’s embrace each other. Let’s keep doing the right thing even when it’s hard, remembering the impossible becomes possible when we all work together.

I’ll ask again, “How are You?” let’s keep asking and really listening so we can help when we can.

There are so many Blessings in the process, be encouraged!

By: Tracey Reid, Atlanta Chapter Ambassador, Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation