February 18, 2022

Just Be Yourself, An Authenticity Discussion


In honor of Black History Month, Alliance board president Kimberly George, will host Valerine Conerly, an active Alliance supporter, to discuss authenticity. To prepare for this engaging collaboration session, we recommend you watch Jodi-Ann Burey’s TEDxSeattle talk, Why you should not bring your authentic self to work.

This 15 minutes spent listening to Jodi-Ann’s insights is thought provoking and will frame up our discussion.
Jodi-Ann’s TEDxSeattle Talk.

Are differences seen as assets? Can people of color show up as themselves and cultures of organizations become more inclusive and welcoming of difference? Can people show up as they are in your workplace or do they have to mask themselves? How does racism impact who is in the room and who is at the table and who gets to be heard, and who listens? How can you and we collectively support Black women support their full authenticity so we are making space everywhere for them? There is tremendous opportunity to change, to close the gap, will you take on the risk?

Please join Valerine and Kimberly for this collaboration.

Kimberly George

Guest Facilitator:
Valerine Conerly