July 30, 2020

Permission to Dominate with Liz Lopez

We often face unique challenges and obstacles in furthering our education, careers, and business growth. We can each easily name several external hurdles that make us work harder and carefully balance all the demands in our multi-faceted lives. And even though we move mountains, there seem to be a million messages a day about how we are not good enough.

Without realizing it, many social and gender bias influences can become a part of our mindsets and daily behaviors. We get involved in movements to change the world, but seldom give ourselves time to focus inward. I invite you to join me in an interactive, conversational, fun, and at times jaw-dropping session of self-illumination. Let’s clean out the mental cobwebs, eliminate self-imposed limits, and shatter our own glass-ceilings.

This presentation will move you AND it will give you practical tools to use in career and business to show up with more confidence, make bold decisions, and clearly communicate your value. Amazing things happen when women prioritize themselves and give themselves Permission to Dominate!