March 24, 2022

Pitching your purpose with Kendra Davies


Did you miss the live event at the WCI Conference back in December? We are excited to be hosting this pre-recorded session with Kendra Davies.

Understanding the science of positive psychology is not enough. Putting positive psychology and the power of positivity into action is the goal. Kendra will help you identify the ways in which you are wonderful. Reframing your thinking to focus on “I am” in your positive terms. Reinforcing your strengths, attributes and confidence. All of this is necessary if you are truly pitching your purpose to drive the desired outcome.

Fear is a powerful and important emotion and can also be limiting to you personally and professionally. How do you overcome limiting beliefs about what you are capable of, or if you don’t believe you are worthy and deserving? With Kendra’s keynote the audience will learn how fear can fuel success.

Kendra’s session supports a healthier and happier work environment where you are empowered to bring your best self to work and in turn empower others to be their best. Kendra differentiates herself and her content by combining her own lived experience with research supported by the field of positive psychology.

Kendra will be back with the Alliance supporting our ongoing work around Growth Mindset at the EWC Conference on April 27th.