September 19, 2022

Say No to Status Quo: 5 Self-Guiding Principles to Grow your Vision In Progress

We would all love to achieve “self-actualization”, meaningful work, world peace, etc…and then we wake up to find the daily grind staring at us and getting in the way of our vision.

How do you evolve personally while dealing with career obstacles, full schedules, and _______________(fill in your current challenge)?

Based on the book, Compose Your Soul, Angie Nuttle will discuss:

  • The 3 decisions you need to make to overcome the status quo
  • Discover who and what is on your inner executive committee- and how to position the players for maximum evolvement
  • Expose the inner critics on your committee – and kick them off for good
  • The 5 key principles every woman needs to establish to evolve into a VIP (Vision In Progress)

Speaker:  Angie Nuttle

Angela Nuttle is the founder of The School of Executive Presence. She is a 25 year corporate leader turned business owner who went from sacrificing, surviving, and proving herself to realizing her potential and getting serious business results. A working mom of three kids, she has figured out how to balance motherhood, marriage, and a whole life outside of work.