November 17, 2022

Talent Management During the Great Resignation Panel

The future of work is here and addressing talent management is a top priority for the industry. How are companies differentiating themselves as it relates to attracting talent? Do we need to rethink qualifications to secure new recruits? How are companies addressing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the hiring process and within teams from a leadership perspective? In addition to strong onboarding programs, what solutions are deployed to develop career paths and avoid people leaving our industry? This session will provide tangible advice for the audience to take back to their teams and companies – true tips, actions, and opportunities to improve getting talent through the door, onboarding, and engaging for the long term – as we all strive to keep workers’ compensation industry.

Jennifer Ryon, Alliance Vice President
Executive Vice President, Commercial Operations
FIGUR8, Inc.

Terri Lewis
Chief Human Resources Officer
One Call

Erika Robinson
Vice President, Client Services
The Best Claims Solutions

Laura Wood, SPHR, CCP
Vice President Human Resources