May 12, 2022

“The Breathable Moment” – The most important aspect in the current workplace.

In this day and age, specifically after the world paused from Covid, companies are trying to compete at a speed we have not yet seen before in an effort to play catch up. This speed is tangled with the short supply of existing talent within the workforce, most notably, our workers’ compensation industry which was already an aging field.

When we mix the two variables of speed and lack of capability, we create one unavoidable deficit…Stress.

I think we can all agree the last 3 years have been a learning experience for everyone and many have prioritized what the most important thing to them is when they drilling down to “Why do I even work?” Now in theory, most of us would say it is because we need an income. However, you can get paid from any employer. I believe the most important factor of “WHO” you choose to work for comes down to one ultimate silent factor. Trust.

I have never in my career been more fortunate to experience the level of assurance that I have currently with my team. This period has finally revealed a “breathable moment”. Regardless of the amount of workload, the off description duties or the “speed” at which we need to produce, I can finally say that I have never had more reliable security from where I sit today.

Being able to get time with leaders to explain methods behind why something occurs or to assist in showing me the nuances of god-forbid a new excel formula, is refreshing. While the industry is pushing our speed, the importance of being able to rely on your team and provide their time has never been more important. It not only retains your best employees, but allows them to be able to handle the requests from left field without having to take a Xanax and burn down their house.

I write this to ensure others out there that the breathable moment exists. When you find the right team and you have your leaders’ support 100%, it is a feeling unlike any other. For employers, when employees are able to communicate, express their ideas, and when they trust their employers/supervisors, they are more prompt to innovate and come up with new solutions. It’s not about a survey, it’s about taking the time to assist and support so they can be autonomous and pay it forward in the future.

By: Carlee Bowdoin, AVP GBCARE, Gallagher Bassett