November 11, 2020

The moments that shape us – the world comes to you

We can observe a handful of our choices, experiences, or particular days that ultimately carve out the path of our lives. When observing closely we can see the patterns of how those moments and choices were profoundly influential in how the world comes to us.  The day I married my husband and left the restaurant business. The day my father died, when I started my yoga practice, and my first Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation event are flashes of the magic of ways the world came to me. It will likely not come to you in a neat package or when you’re expecting it but, you have to open enough to let it in, so you don’t miss it.

It was Tuesday, December 5, 2017, the first year I was attending the National Work Comp and Disability Conference in Las Vegas. The Alliance was having their pre-conference networking event at Mandalay Bay and Margaret Spence was the keynote speaker. When I joined the attendees, the room was absolutely bursting with energy. Beautiful spirits connecting and encouraged to learn about who each other was. This was where I needed to be.

As Margaret took us on a journey through her book, Leadership Self-Transformation, I thought she was reading my mind. I was only in the workers’ compensation industry for two years and literally in the throes of transforming myself and building my position at Workfinders USA with Bill Tucker. I had to meet Margaret and tell her how I connected with her message. As we chatted, we learned of our mutual passion for supporting injured workers through the return-to-work process and have been collaborating to advance the mission ever since.

The world comes to you, then you have to run with it. My position had evolved to include a fair amount of travel and it seemed like everywhere I was going The Alliance was having an event or a new chapter was starting. The events are always highly inspirational and energizing to me. What keeps me coming back is the level of authenticity. The ability for all to be our real selves safely learning and growing. I’m privileged to have participated in 10 of these sensational gatherings and the fellowship is real. Crushing my fears, sharpening resilience, financial acumen, and navigating change. I drew upon all of our collaborations in 2020 navigating the unknown this year holds.

We all arrive at moments that are too deep, or things begin to unravel. We’re experiencing this on a cultural level now.  We can’t keep doing what we’re doing but what else can we do? The insights that come out of these challenging times, how do we put them into action? These are the ones that affect real change in ourselves and our community. Look closely at the people around you, the beauty around this chaos, it’s the magic of the world coming to you.

By: Natalie Torres, Senior Director of Client Solutions, Work Finders USA