February 24, 2023

Together Towards Tomorrow

For the Alliance of Women in Workers’ Compensation, 2023 is off to an amazing start. I hope that each of you is settled into the new year.

Something you may not know about me, I appreciate a yearly planner with daily tracking, to-do lists, and personal and professional goals. Since I was young, placing a check next to items completed has brought satisfaction, yet the most joy comes from plotting priorities and planning execution.

When I translate this thinking to the Alliance, three key areas emerge, purpose, people, and partners. Each of the three is equally important. We must continue to deliver on our purpose and the mission of the Alliance. People, our board members, ambassadors, the Alliance’s employer advisory council, committee members, and volunteers to our followers engaging through our events are critically important for today and tomorrow. Do they have a sense of belonging? Are they engaged to the fullest? Are they finding value in our content and events, personal and professional development, industry education, and meeting others in the industry through the Alliance’s networking platform. And partners, our corporate sponsors, and event sponsors who give generously. The Alliance must benefit the organizations supporting us, just as we are receiving benefits through their financial support.

And while I am confident we have a solid plan for execution on purpose, people, and partners in 2023, my goal is for the Alliance to be a sustainable organization for decades to come. Does our current framework carry us from today to tomorrow? The Alliance board is currently undergoing a strategic planning exercise to achieve this success. Through the process, priorities will be established, and goals set for the next three years. We will keep you posted on priorities and associated projects.

Each year the Alliance selects a theme on which our content is built. In 2021 we focused on Through the Lens; in 2022, was Acknowledge Adjust Advance and in 2023, Together Towards Tomorrow. Now is the time to move from today towards tomorrow, and in the Alliance, we do this together. You can look forward to events focused on working together, today’s leadership, the workforce of tomorrow, keeping employees engaged, technology transformation, elevating your career to the next level, and so much more.

On behalf of the Alliance’s leadership team, thank you for engaging. We are looking forward to seeing you this year, whether in person or virtually. Please check our website and LinkedIn page for event registrations.

With gratitude,


Kimberly George
Board President

By: Kimberly George, President, Global Chief Brand Officer, Sedgwick